Saturday, January 9, 2016

Pssst...C'mere, Kid

I have been blog-silent for a while now, choosing instead to express my insights in the more pithy environs offered by Facebook and the even-more-mandatorily pithy Twittershere. My choice was not as freely made as the word itself  implies; since my spine surgery I find it very difficult to sit for very long in any chair except for the recliner. But I would like to get back into this format, and to that end, I gifted myself both an iPad Pro before Christmas and a groovy mounting stand with an arm that swivels 360 degrees in multiple directions. It holds my tablet while I sit or recline and swings out of the way when I want (or, more realistically, *need*) to disconnect.

Given that it is a presidential election year, I am really hoping I can segue *out* of 140-character or 140-word mode. If so, you will be given an opportunity to read me in all my erudite and wordy splendor.

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